Are you paying for cellular services
you don't actually use?
Verify! specializes in cell audits

Your phones are down
you're missing calls
You can't prevent service outages, but
you can plan and prepare for when it does happen.
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Your contract expired and
your rates doubled
Verify! works with the utility companies, so you don't have to!

Your business is growing...
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Let Verify! take care of the work, so you can focus
on keeping your business profitable​.

We work with the utility companies, so you don't have to!

Verify Services is a team of trained professionals specializing in the recovery of your business' utility dollars. We will aggressively manage your phone, internet, cellular, gas, electric, and existing merchant processing accounts to resolve billing errors, negotiate better rates, drive efficiency up, and save your company valuable time, resources, and money.

With Verify! you receive all the resources, expertise and availability of an onsite expense management department, at a fraction of the cost! We save you the time and headache of dealing with your service providers, by working with them on your behalf.

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Fiber Project Coordination

The Verify! team coordinates Fiber install projects. We research providers and their rates, and schedule all steps of the construction and install, at a pace that is appropriate for your business. We provide you with regular status updates, and even disconnect old services upon completion.

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Cellular Auditing

Verify! will review your wireless invoices and make cost-saving service plan changes. We will work with your new or existing carrier to resolve all billing errors and can continue to review your invoices on a monthly basis. We will also assist with device upgrades when needed.

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Invoice Accuracy Verification

Verify! reviews all local, long distance, and data billing statements on a monthly basis, and will send confirmation of invoice accuracy to approved business personnel.

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Invoice Error Resolution

When a billing error is detected, a Verify! team member will alert the designated client personnel. The dispute process is immediately started to correct the billing error and negotiate all credits and rebates due. This process can often take 1 to 90 days to fully complete.

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Service Interruption Resolution

When your business has any phone, internet or data service interruption, Verify! will facilitate the repair on your behalf.  We will work with the carrier and appropriate local vendors, to allow for the fastest repair possible.

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Contract Management

Verify! manages contracts for all utility services.  Existing service contracts can be renegotiated and renewal options, from both current and competitive carriers, are provided before term rate expiration.  This protects against rate spikes associated with month-to-month terms.