Are you paying for cell services
you don't Use?
Verify! specializes in cellular account reviews

The phones are down
you're missing calls
We prepare and protect your business from service outages,
BEFORE they happen.

Your contract expired and
your rates doubled
Verify! works with your utility companies, so you don't have to!

Your business is growing...
kick back and relax...
Verify! manages your accounts and expenses,

so you can focus on managing your company​.

Winner of the Innovation Collaborative's
2016 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Experts in recovering overspent telecom and utility expenses! 


Verify Services, LLC is a team of trained professionals that specializes in the recovery of business' utility dollars. We aggressively manage phone, internet, cellular, gas, and electric accounts to resolve billing errors, negotiate better rates, drive efficiency up, and save companies valuable time, resources, and money.

How to get started.

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We have the expertise to manage all aspects of your company's local and long distance phone services.  This allows us to make cost-saving recommendations that best meet your company's telecom needs.  We also reviewing bill for accuracy every month, negotiate credits when appropriate, and assisting with repairs when phone service is down.



We coordinate the upgrade and installation of internet connections, including Fiber, on behalf of our clients.   We have the industry contacts to source the internet service provider that best meets your business' needs.  We also help facilitate timely repair resolutions when internet connections are down.



We average 20% savings on cellular audits.  We work with your existing service provider, and within the confines of your existing contract.  We resolve billing errors, optimize service, reduce expenses and even assist with device upgrades when necessary.  We can also review your cellular invoices on a monthly basis.


Electric and Gas

We have the expertise needed to audit utility accounts to verify accuracy.  We also have a network of suppliers to bid for your business, ensuring competitive rates and favorable contract terms.

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Continuity Planning

We offer a customizable back-up plan to allow businesses to receive incoming calls during a service outage.  Your business can determine, in advance, where calls should be routed to and we create a personalized auto-attendant just for your business.