Affiliations & Networks

Verify! is a community-minded company that gives back, connects others, and encourages entrepreneurship.  Not only does the company invest in our talented staff, we invest in the community using local vendors and service providers, participating in regional community development and civic efforts, and supporting causes that matter to our team.

logo athenaAthena Powerlink

Athena is a mentoring program for women-owned businesses. Verify! was a proud 2014-2015 Athena recipient and continues to be involved in Athena programs and development.  Erin currently serves as Panel Coordinator.

logo athenaGannon University: Erie Technology Incubator

Verify! currently has a technology mentoring team with a focus on effectively leveraging additional technologies to better serve our existing clients and to grow our footprint.

logo athenaInnovation Collaborative

The Innovation Collaborative is focused on growing the local Erie economy through entrepreneurship by driving ideas and support of new businesses. Erin is a founding board member and currently serves as the board secretary and the chair of the Economic Gardening Committee.

logo athenaSeton Hill Financial Boot Camp

In 2015, Verify! was one of the proud sponsors of a one day financial seminar to help local business owners better understand their financial statements and to use them for accurate projections and decision making.

logo athenaVenango Area Chamber Of Commerce

The Venango Area Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic local chamber which excels at making meaningful connections.

logo erie chamberErie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership

The organization’s core mission is to provide the leadership to attract, retain and expand business in the Erie region.  Erin is a member of their Small Business Committee.


logo meadville chamberMeadville-Western Crawford County Chamber of Commerce 

The Chamber works collectively for the Crawford County region in the areas of economic, social, educational and political progress.