Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Verify! is easy. Here are a few frequently asked questions about our services.


How much does it cost?

We have affordable rates that fit every budget and project. Your project is based on the scope of work involved.  Best of all, our audits come with a risk-free guarantee.  If we can't find any savings on our telecom or utility expenses, you won't be billed for our time! Packages are available for bundling of services as well. If you're using telecom or utility services, you can't afford not to give us a try!


What type of invoices can you review?

We provide comprehensive audits for telecom (phone and internet), cellular, natural gas and electric accounts.


How do you get paid?

We provide contingency-based consulting and charge hourly rates based on the scope of your project.


Can you review my personal bills too?

No, Verify! does not review any residential accounts.


How long does it take to see a savings?

Once we begin a telecom or utility bill review, we check for billing errors and discrepancies in your service plan. It typically takes 1-2 full billing cycles for all changes to be reflected.


How much can I expect to save?

In 2017, we averaged the following savings for our clients:

  • 21% on telecom
  • 23% on cellular
  • 19% on natural gas
  • 24% on electric


How do I get started with Verify!?

If you're ready to work together to create savings for your company, all you need to do is contact us. Call us at 800-400-7180 or email us today, and we will promptly discuss your needs, concerns, and cost savings goals. We’ve developed a a customized system that minimizes your time involvement AND maximizes your expense savings.  We can explain the entire process in a brief 10-minute phone call!  

Do you have any additional questions? Let us know so we can better help.