Meet Our Team

Erin Green 

Erin started her telecom career in 1995 selling long distance and data services for companies like Verizon and AT&T. She consistently exceeded sales objectives and quickly realized her unique ability to review, understand and correct bills that were confusing to most phone customers. Erin began independent consulting in 2002 and incorporated as Verify! in 2006. Erin manages sales and development of strategic solutions that maximize value to all Verify! clients.

Sara Wurst

Director of Operations

Sara has extensive experience in project management.  She is responsible for overseeing all Coordinator activities, ensuring deadlines are met and desired client outcomes are achieved.  Sara has a niche for relationship management with customers and vendors alike, and utilizes these relationships to obtain competitive bids and quotes.  She has personally created the internal Verify!  processes that encourage a successful, growing, and highly efficient workplace.

Emily Killian

Marketing Coordinator

Emily has consistently done project work for Verify! and has a specialized knowledge for dissecting telecom bills.  Today, she primarily manages our social media accounts and our website, including our blog.  She is responsible for creating our digital newsletters, writing content for printed ads and flyers, and works closely with our clients to set up voice continuity plans. She also coordinates Fiber and SIP projects.

Deadra Hadlock  

Project Coordinator

Deadra manages several client accounts, performs audits, and helps to review monthly invoices to optimize our clients' services while reducing their costs. She does a great job placing Fiber and SIP orders, and negotiating credits, and is known for her attention to detail and follow up time. Furthermore, she puts her unique skills to use by resolving service interruptions for our clients.

Christian Green

Project Coordinator

Christian works attentively to navigate telecom repairs and service order changes on behalf of our clients. He personally handles all of our internal billing and invoicing needs. Christian also assists with telecom service audits, Fiber project coordination, and various special projects including the setup of Verify! business continuity plans.

 Lyndsy Wise

Project Coordinator

Lyndsy assists with telecom projects, with a focus on cost savings and on- time completion. Lyndsy has a true affinity to dive in and learn new technologies, so she is also cross-trained on cellular auditing, account management and our monthly client bill review process. She has been able to help Verify! clients maximize their telecom services while always working to improving their overall customer service experience.

Kelly Rowland

Project Coordinator

Kelly assists with the initial auditing of accounts for our clients.  Her affinity for making sense of existing services, helps the Verify! team to further research customer options and compile cost analysis reports.  She consistently does on outstanding job determining appropriate service plans to suit our clients’ needs, so she also helps with cellular audits, monthly bill review, and Fiber and hosted services project orders.

Sarah Woodley

Project Coordinator

From her first day, Sarah has shown a true potential for being able to complete any project we put in front of her.  She helps audit new accounts for both telecom and cellular services, and re-negotiates contracts.  She has placed install orders for Fiber, POTS, cable internet and PRI circuits all while bringing a high level of positive energy into the office that really reinforces Verify!'s fast turnaround times.