Success Stories

testimonial griffin

Griffin Technology Group

"Verify Services works well with our staff, our clients and their service providers. They continue to bring value to our company and our clients, and it’s for this reason that I recommend their services time and time again."

~ John D. Griffin, Griffin Technology Group

testimonial morgan services

Morgan Services Inc

“The Disaster Recovery Plan from Verify! really gives me one less thing to worry about. I would recommend it to any company who has had to deal with a phone outage. And if you haven’t…you might want to think about it before it happens!”

~Mark J. Kinzel, Morgan Services Inc. – Cleveland

testimonial achievement center

Achievement Center

“Verify! was able to analyze our large cellular account and reduce our monthly bills by $400 per month. More importantly, Verify! provides us with monthly summaries of usage trends which helps us to greatly reduce the amount of time we spend reviewing our monthly bill.”

~Bob Kraft, Achievement Center

testimonial cap plugs


 “Dealing with the large telecom companies on plans and issues of any size is frustrating and monopolizes valuable time.  With wireless providers, it’s easy to overlook promotions, hard to understand what plan or promotion may step on an existing one, and find the right balance of minutes and data for an ever-changing pool of lines.  Furthermore, promotions happen every month and what was great for us 6 months ago is probably expensive today. " 

~Anthony Darden, Caplugs

testimonial moore research

Moore Research Services

Verify! reviewed and analyzed our telecommunication and Internet services and was able to make valuable, money-saving recommendations. Once we implemented the recommendations from Verify!, we actually ended up with MORE service from our providers for LESS money. Getting more for less seems to be a rare thing today and I don’t believe we would have been aware of or could have found those services and programs on our own.”

~ Colleen Moore-Mezler, Moore Research Services