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Morgan Services, Inc. provides linen and uniform rental and laundry services throughout the United States.  They offer coast-to-coast linen and uniform laundry services to a wide array of industries, and have a particular niche for the hospitality, (light) industrial, and medical fields.

We had a quick chat with Mark Kinzel, one of our long-time clients, and the Administration Manager for Morgan Services, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio about the value Morgan provides to its' customers, and the value they have found with Verify!.

Q:  What’s one thing you’d like people to know about Morgan Services?

A:  As a 6th generation, family owned business, we began in 1887 laundering linens and bedding for the Pullman Railroad Cars.  One of our early contracts was signed by Sitting Bull!


Q:  What value has Verify!   brought your business?

A:  We partnered with Verify! back in 2009.  Since then, they have been instrumental in keeping the sea of phone bills manageable.  They review our monthly billing and even negotiate contracts and terms.  The best part for me, is that whenever there is an issue or an outage, I make one call to Verify! and they handle everything!  From re-routing my incoming calls, to calling in a work order, to managing the tech.  It truly is one stop shopping and frees me up to take care of more important issues.


Q:  Exactly how much laundry does the Cleveland site process in a typical year?

A:  We produce an average of 300,000 pounds of laundry each week . . . that’s over 15 million pounds per year!  In addition, we use over 8 million gallons of water per year! (and you thought your water bill was high?)

Previously Featured Clients

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Moore Research Services, Inc. is a global marketing research firm, located in Erie, PA, with a passion for building, assessing and strengthening their clients' product lines and services. The Moore team is experienced in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodology research. Their ability to evaluate attitudes and behaviors gives their clients accurate and detailed research that helps predict market share, revenue, and the ultimate impact of the client’s business decisions.

We sat down with Colleen Moore Mezler, President  and CEO, to ask her a couple of questions: 


Q: What’s the one thing you would like for people to know about Moore Research Services?


A:  Most businesses understand the need for market research but don’t know where to start.  Market research is essential to your businesses long-term success for many reasons, including:

  1. Market research centers your business ON YOUR customers and most importantly YOUR potential customers
  2. It helps you create goals and keeps you focused on them
  3. It allows you to pursue the most lucrative growth opportunities
  4. It keeps you relevant and future oriented
  5. Improves your decision-making capabilities and reduces your risk


Q: What value does Verify!  bring to Moore Research?


A:  Verify!  reviewed and analyzed our telecommunication and Internet services and was able to make valuable, money-saving recommendations. Once we implemented the recommendations from Verify!  we actually ended up with MORE service from our providers for LESS money. Getting more for less seems to be a rare thing today and I don’t believe we would have been aware of or could have found those services and programs on our own. Even just a few weeks ago Verify!  notified us that our cellular service provider was offering a limited-time promotion that ended up, again, lowering our monthly bills. We are busy and so focused on running our business and providing the best possible service for our clients, so who has time to examine every service you have every week to see if something better or cheaper is available. We never would have known about the promotion if it wasn’t for Verify!


Q: What’s your favorite part about mentoring other business owners?


A:  I have always believed that those to which much has been given, much is expected.  Community service and volunteerism are an investment in our community and the people who live in it.  I have been fortunate to be able to volunteer for various groups and charities that have been fulfilling both personal and professionally.  One of the most rewarding things is to watch an entrepreneur grow, change, and develop as a result of advice you have given.  Additionally, their desire to then pay-it-forward to another entrepreneur only makes mentoring that much rewarding.

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D&S Automotive Collision and Restyling has been a mainstay in Mentor, OH, known for van conversions and auto body repair since it first opened in 1977.  Although D&S was not the first body shop in Lake County, it has been serving the Mentor community for years as one of the longest tenured local businesses in the area.


Today, D&S is a thriving family business, with additional locations in Euclid and Chardon, OH, that continuously provides award-winning service and quality customer care.  They constantly invest in the training and education of their employees, thereby encouraging well-to-do attitudes and a positive work environment.  D&S is also an avid supporter of their communities, making them the chosen source for truck accessories, spray-in bed liners, lifted trucks and collision repair in Ohio.


We had a chat with CJ Paterniti, Vice President, to ask him a few important questions:


Q:  What’s one thing you want people to know about D&S Automotive Collision & Restyling?


A:  Many people in Northeast Ohio know that we are a premier collision repair company.  What many people don’t know is how extensive our overall range of products and services is.  We work with wheelchair-accessible vans and lifts.  We have an extensive stock of aftermarket automotive accessories for cars, trucks and Jeeps.  We are Lake County’s first authorized Rhino Linings applicator.  And we put the customer experience above all, with special services like our Mobile Estimate tool.


Q:  What value does Verify!  bring to your company?


A:  Verify!  has taken the guessing game out of our telephone and internet services.  While many other companies nickel-and-dime their customers, Verify!  has provided us with a valuable service that we can really feel comfortable with.  They’ve saved us a lot of money and a lot of the hassle that has come with these utilities in the past. 

Verify!  has also allowed us to implement tablets in the field for our sister company, Defender Auto Glass.  This allows us to execute credit card transactions from out in the field, which is truly an invaluable service for us.  We couldn’t have done this without Verify!, especially Deadra Hadlock!


Q:  Can you tell us more about D&S’s internship program?


A:  We love being able to help kids in the communities that we serve.  Through our internship program, we are able to connect with these communities through their Career Centers and Schools, and provide many of these kids with valuable experience that they may not have been able to acquire otherwise.  Working through this program gives the students a great deal of hands-on automotive experience, which is often instrumental in these kids choosing this industry as a career path.  The ability to acquire this experience at such a young age gives them a huge head start in the industry, and it allows them to enter their professional career, either with us or with another company, with a great deal of knowledge.

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Banner Automotive Group is a family owned and operated new car dealership group down in Louisiana.  They have a Chevrolet dealership located in New Orleans, and a Ford dealership located just 37 miles away in Mandeville.  They have their very own Banner Drives Foundation philanthropy program, that lends support to charitable events, fairs, and festivals all throughout their region.  Banner Automotive is proud to support and contribute to the overall wellbeing and prosperity of their local communities.

We interviewed Steve Miller, IT Manager, to find out what it's like to work for two forward thinking dealerships simultaneously:


Q: What’s one thing you want people to know about the Banner Automotive Group?


A: Banner has been family owned and operated since we opened in 1972, and the reason for our success and longevity is our people.  We have several employees who have been with the organization for 30 years or more.  The great number of employees who have been with the Banner family for 10, 20, or 30 years is a testament to the leadership and environment of the organization.  It is not only a great place to purchase or service a vehicle; it’s a great place to work.


Q: What value does Verify!  bring to your business?


A: Cost savings is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about our business relationship with Verify!   Many decisions made in business are made with cost in mind.   Our decision to partner with Verify!  was one of the easiest business decisions I have ever made.  Verify!  has been a valuable liaison with the technology companies; holding them accountable for each and every line item on our bills, requesting refunds for incorrect charges, and reviewing our bills to continue finding ways of saving money.  The entire staff of Verify!  is dedicated to helping our organization, and having a group of experts on our side is probably the biggest added value.  


Q: A lot of people see Ford and Chevrolet as rivals, what is it like working for both?


A: I really enjoy the diversity of the vehicles, and the uniqueness of each dealership.  Although we are family, there is always sibling rivalry taking place.  However, the two dealerships work extremely well together, giving our customers the opportunity to choose the best vehicle for their needs.  It also gives us the advantage of seeing two very different successful strategies that we can learn from one another.  I will admit that when I first purchased my new Chevy Traverse, it took a little time for our Ford Dealership to allow me to park close to the building.


Verify!  has always valued our loyal clients, some of whom have been with us for several years.  Maintaining long-term relationships has been essential to the growth and development of our company.  We also appreciate our preferred vendors; the businesses whose work quality and ethics we can always rely on for the benefit of our mutual customers.  That is why we are pleased to highlight our first ever featured vendor - EDMC Safety & Health.


EDMC is a consulting firm based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   They assist businesses with OSHA compliance by helping them to establish and maintain a safer and healthier workplace.


We interviewed Christopher Zanetti, President, to ask him a few important questions we'd like to share with you all:   


Q: What do you want people to know about EDMC Safety & Health?


A: EDMC Safety & Health is an OSHA compliance consulting firm.  Our goal is to assist you in establishing and maintaining a safer and healthier workplace.  We are knowledgeable of the OSHA Regulations Title 29 CFR Part 1910, General Industry Standards, and what is needed to conform with these mandated standards.  EDMC Safety & Health will assist you in understanding these regulations and develop programs with your business to reach the goal of OSHA Compliance.  In turn, this will increases your productivity, reduce and eliminate varies workplace injuries, which may positively affect your workers’ compensation costs and related expenses.


Q: What value does working alongside Verify!  Provide?


A: EDMC Safety & Health has been networking with Erin and Verify!  for over a year.  Verify!  provides a unique service which all business can benefit from.  Our mutual clients have nothing but positive feedback regarding Verify!  and the services they provide.  Specifically they value their hard work, attention to detail, and dedication to their clients.  I would and do recommend Verify!  to businesses in need of their services.


Q: Why should our clients turn to you for their OSHA Compliance needs?


A: EDMC Safety & Health offers proactive guidance and a solution-oriented approach in regard to employee health and safety for our clients.  Rely on our years of experience and qualified technical safety expertise to ensure your employees are educated and trained on mandatory OSHA requirements.  We have a proven track record of successful outcomes in assisting companies with OSHA compliance.  Our firm is dedicated to providing general industry providers of all types and sizes with critical and essential compliance guidance and educational programs required by the OSHA regulations for your particular industry.  We provide ongoing support and maintenance of your obligations under OSHA.  It is our goal to provide effective safety and health services which will positively impact your company’s work culture.  Let’s work together to improve employee morale and productivity in your workplace.

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Caplugs has been in the product protection industry for over 65 years.  Located right here in Erie, Pennsylvania, they offer over 12,000 standardized products to help solve industry-wide protection challenges.  They serve several business markets with their products including (but not limited to) medical, masking, energy, automotive, electronics, and hydraulics.

We interviewed Anthony Darden, IT Director, to find out more about the diversity and importance of the product protection industry . . . 



Q: What do you want people to know about Caplugs?


A:  For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been the leader in product protection with innovative plastic molded components that solve industry-wide challenges in many markets such as medical, masking, energy, automotive, electronics, hydraulics and more. They have over 12,000 standard products that include plastic caps and plugs, netting, tubing, containers and masking devices.  There are 400 million parts in stock to accommodate customer needs at any given time.  As a global manufacturer with a world-class sales and service team, Caplugs is your trusted source – a dedicated team of in-house design engineers will collaborate with customers every step of the way to develop custom parts that fit exact requirements.  They offer comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, rigorous process controls and a wide range of materials to choose from.



Q:  What value does working alongside Verify!  provide?


A:  Verify Services takes the headache away when dealing with telecommunication companies.  I used to go through new sales reps and service teams with AT&T 4 times a year and it was a circus each time we had an account inquiry or trouble ticket to issue – a service outage we had early in 2015 took 8 hours of phone time, 12 team members from AT&T across 3 escalation tiers, and 3 days to repair.  With Verify!, that’s ONE phone call to anyone from that team and they take it from there.  They push the carriers, provide timely status updates, and have the connections in the industry to tackle issues from multiple angles.  All that wasted time is recouped and I have the confidence knowing the problem will get resolved ASAP.  On top of that benefit, they help manage company telecom plans.  We are on a corporate Verizon Wireless plan that includes 63 lines. Verizon changes plan offerings and releases promotions on a regular basis – these are not communicated with any regularity to businesses, nor can you work on your account or manage equipment via a local store.  It’s frustrating to walk into a Verizon Wireless store as a Verizon Wireless account holder and be turned away.  

The staff at Verify!  are the eyes and ears for us, making sure we are taking advantage of every cost savings opportunity we can.  We have been with them for 2 years now and the savings they generate for us easily outpace their fees, not to mention the time they save for us and the sanity I’ve reclaimed from not having to deal with the telecom giants.  It’s a no-brainer service offering – my only regret is not hearing about them sooner!  They are a true partner to Caplugs and will continue to be.



Q:  Why is product protection an important business investment?


A:  We help business protect their products during the manufacturing, finishing and transportation processes.  For manufacturing, picture an engine block coming down the assembly line at an automobile plant.  As additional work is being performed, the caps and plugs we provide guard against accidental damage and unwanted items entering into the body of the motor while the rest of the work is being completed.  For finishing, one example is the custom masking to airline companies to protect the windows on a jet during the sandblasting and painting process.  For transportation, think of the energy industry and the pipes and valves that arrive at well sites.  We provide the thread protectors to ensure that material will be protected during transport and perform as expected when put to use.  In all these cases, the costs to repair damage or replace equipment that wasn’t properly protected is far greater than the small investment to protect them.


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Signature Health assists people experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse problems in Ohio.  With their four locations in Ashtabula, Garfield Heights, Willoughby, and Painesville, they are able to deliver accessible, comprehensive recovery services without a long waiting list.  They strive to provide their clients with innovative recovery services, in a supportive and respectful environment.

We had a chat with our longtime client and friend Jonathan Lee, CEO of Signature Health, to hear more about the exciting year they've had in transitioning to a nonprofit organization. 


Q: What would you like people to know about Signature Health?


A:  Signature Health was established in 1993 and has become a comprehensive behavioral health and integrated primary medicine facility dedicated to helping people in need regardless of their ability to pay for services. 


Q: What value does working alongside Verify!  provide?


A:  Verify!  allows us the piece of mind of knowing that someone is constantly vigilant about our telecom expenses and can help us make important strategic and financial decisions to support our growth.


Q: Could you tell us a little bit about Signature Health’s recent transition to a nonprofit organization?


A:  For over 20 years Signature Health has operated as a privately owned for-profit private practice.  However it became clearer and clearer that someone needed to fill a gap of integrating care between regular physical medicine and mental health or behavioral medicine.  We see the mind, body, spirit connection and know that if one area is not healthy it impacts the others.  To best position ourselves to fill that need we decided to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) which required that we convert to non-profit status.  After a long arduous legal project we successfully amended our articles of incorporation 6-1-16 and were subsequently designated as an FQHC on 12-15-16 and then awarded 501(c)(3) tax exempt status on 12-28-16!


Palmiero Toyota of Meadville, Pennsylvania opened their lot in 1981.  Their sales philosophy is to back its good deals with excellent customer service.  In fact, since Toyota first launched their President's Award for Customer Service Excellence in 1986, Palmiero has received that honored title every single year (that's 30 years running!) since the award's inception.

We decided to have a quick chat with our NEW clients, and spoke with Brian Harrison, Vice President of Sales to learn more about what makes their dealership so unique:

Q:  What’s one of things that set your dealership apart from other car dealers?


A:  The biggest thing that sets us apart is the people here.  We’re very different in the car world because we have extremely loyal people with longevity.  Most car dealerships, you see the sales staff one year maybe two years and then its all new faces the next day - same with service.  We don’t have any real turnover, until people retire.  We enjoy what we do and we work very well together.  It’s more of a family-type atmosphere.  The sales department works extremely well with service and vice versa, and everybody is on the same page.  That’s probably the biggest thing but, I think the other part of that is myself, Alison, and Mike who own the store, this is the only store we have.  We’re not a big conglomerate of 5 or 6 dealerships . . . we’re here every day.  We only come to one place.  There’s one of us if not all of us, in the building every day so you’re always able to get to an owner with any problems, questions, or concerns.


Q:  So far, what value has Verify! brought to your business?


A:  Well obviously the financial end of it, you’ve saved us some money.  But I think the large thing is you’ve gotten to a lot of problems we had, that we were ignoring because we had accepted things as they were.  With you guys, we were finally able to just get things handled.  For example, our security system used to constantly beep any time after it rained.  After 3 years, we just got accustomed to getting up, pushing the button, and the beeping would stop for 30 minutes or so before we had to push it again and we would do that forever.  You guys found out about that and had it fixed in under 12 hours.  It’s also great to have someone looking at it, because we are a car dealership and we don’t deal with phone companies.  We don’t deal with internet companies’ either, other than we know that we need them.  They tell us what we’re supposed to have and we just accept it.  It’s nice to have someone there that really knows that can tell us “yes you need that” and “no you don’t need that”.


Q:  We saw that you have a community room where you host community events.  Could you tell us a bit more about that?


A:  Right now we don’t have anything scheduled for the community room.  When we built the building, we built this giant space in the event we needed it for expansion.  Since having it, it’s been a nice big room to get all our employees together when necessary.  But mostly, we lend that space to the community.  A lot of times the Chamber of Commerce or similar groups that want to have a meeting or event can use that space for free.  We never charge for use of the room, there’s a kitchen included up there, and it gives organizations a location to go to without having to rent a space.

     Within our community, we are constantly trying to do things.  We have Ian Cole, from the Pittsburgh Penguins, come up and skate with the kids.  Our biggest thing, that has been going on for at least 8 years now, is our Give Back program.  We accrue funds over the course of the year for various charities.  These charity organizations then apply, and our staff and customers vote to select what groups should receive the funds.  When all is said is done, and because Toyota matches what we do, we gave away almost $30,000 last year and the event continues to grow each year.