Without changing carriers or providers as soon as your next invoice*

The majority of financial institutions don’t know they are overpaying for voice, data, and wireless services

Most times, these services don’t fit their needs, resulting in lost dollars, lost time, and lost efficiency. To make things worse, their financial risk is compounded when they run multiple locations, and “managed” by someone who just doesn’t know any better. It’s said that “you don’t know what you don’t know,” but in the end, it will absolutely cost you more than you know.

Finally, a hands-off approach to telecommunication expense management. We heavily focus on the efficiency of data plans, insurance coverage and devices.

Communications and data is mission-critical. We assist in reducing your monthly local and long distance phone and internet bill! Call for a no-risk analysis to start saving.

The biggest issue we've seen in financial instituions...

When IT’s main focus is on security, we see operational inefficiencies and financial vulnerabilities, typically through duplicate service, gaps in service, and unnecessary services. The bottom line – it is all waste. Let’s be honest, there are more productive and profitable things to do during the day than cleaning up overpriced billing, unnecessary removal or addition of services, and wasted time trying to understand all of the moving pieces. It’s not what you do, but it is what WE do.

How The Verify! Process Works

Verify! Services analyzes and optimizes opportunities for savings in cellular and telecom service contracts. We provide an exact inventory of your services along with cost cutting recommendations typically within two weeks. Your staff does not have to get involved, freeing up their time to focus on their strengths, as we deliver on ours.

The Verify! Process

Through customized recommendations, our business expense management consultants work diligently to reduce your utilities and telecommunication expenses. We invest our time into your accounts; saving you both time and money and we pride ourselves in partnering with your internal staff to deliver effective results, with very little of your time invested.

  • Improved Internal Efficiency
  • Monthly Bill Reviews
  • Repair Facilitation During Outages
  • Device Ordering
  • Contract Re-Negotiation and more!



  • Improved Internal Efficiency
  • Monthly Bill Reviews
  • Repair Facilitation During Outages
  • Device Ordering
  • Contract Re-Negotiation and more!

No Savings = No Invoice Guaranteed

Seriously. If we can’t find you savings, you don’t pay! It’s our Guarantee, and a promise you can take to the bank!

Case Study: Morgan Services

Learn how Brian Berg, CIO of Morgan Services, went from management to strategic in his approach to telecom and internet for multi-location manufacturing company, Morgan Services. Morgan Services was founded in 1887 with locations across the United States, meaning multiple different carriers and providers per location. One conversation with Verify! versus several conversations with different vendors across the US has provided Brian with increased efficiency and significant savings.

Is it worth the risk to ignore this?

In plain English: absolutely not.

Financial institutions rely heavily on the stability and uptime of their voice, data, and wireless services. In today’s business, you just can’t afford the downtime. To make matters worse, the IT department or office manager, and at times just the receptionist, are left in charge of the complexities of telecom and wireless.

With the expertise of Verify! Services, we put the right technology and plans together to stabilize and increase your bottom line efficiently and effectively. Whether a contract is expiring, services are down, company needs are expanding, carrier bills are astronomical, or devices need ordered, trust in Verify! to ensure that it’s done on time and on budget.

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Our Verify! analysis can save financial institutions up to 40% on telecom and an average of 31% on wireless. Remember, NO SAVINGS = NO INVOICE. GUARANTEED. Simply fill out the form below and one of our analysts will contact you.