The first cell phone was successfully used in 1973 and has paved the way for innovative devices over the last 45 years. Cell phones have widely been used for business since their creation, but the smartphones of today have become an irreplaceable tool in business and life alike. Smartphones bring flexibility, access to technology and software, schedule keeping, and so much more to those using their cell phone for business. Many businesses offer their employees cell phones as a part of their benefits. Cellular expense management is increasingly important as cell phone prices climb. For every savvy smartphone user or company account, there has to be someone to service that account. Business cell phone plans have become increasingly more difficult to understand. Many don’t know about the behind the scenes work it takes to keep an account efficient while executing cellular cost savings.

  • Business cell phone plans and services are always changing which means you may not be getting the best deal.
  • As your employee count fluctuates, you’ll have to adjust the number of devices necessary.
  • International travel with a cell phone can be an enormous expense if not handled correctly.
  • Cell phone bills can be hundreds of pages long and unless you’re looking through every line item, you may miss miscellaneous and incorrect charges.
  • Ordering devices can be difficult with the vast amount of different models, storage options, and accessories.
  • There are a few different ways to purchase your device and each situation can require a different approach. Getting a device at the best price and that makes sense long term is the ultimate objective.
  • Managing a company’s data needs can be a challenge. Just one gigabyte of overage costs $15 and that can add up quickly with multiple devices on an account.

When managing a cellular account, lowering your cell phone bill is a top priority but also requires multiple steps and consistent attention. Wireless business consultants can ensure that you are paying the lowest price, using the most efficient business cellular plan, and avoiding unnecessary extra fees.